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All Endo-met products are good for approximately four years after the manufactured date listed on the bottle. The date listed is not an expiration date. Endo-met products are peanut-free, however the manufacturing plant does make products for other companies that may contain nuts and nut oils. The machines used undergo a cleaning process using food grade isopropyl (IPA) alcohol, which eliminates residue of the previous batches and is verified, validated, and documented.

Endo-met Supplement Other Ingredients: Derived from vegetable sources, are non-GMO and are free of egg, gluten, lactose, soy, wheat, whey and yeast. Read here about Endo-met's "Other Ingredient" Sources. No banned substances that are on the WADA list are contained in Endo-met products or even kept in the manufacturer’s facility. The supplements meet the NCAA Standards.