Hair Analysis and Prostacine

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 14th Oct 2015

Prostacine from Endo-met is a chelated glandular product that consists of polypeptides to enhance prostate organ and gland activity. It supplies bovine prostate nucleoprotein, as well as synergistic nutrients that help increase the effectiveness. It also contains saw palmetto, which promotes healthy functioning of the prostate. This is a plant native to the southeast region and derived from berries of Serenoa Repens palm.

Benefits of saw palmetto include:

  • Decreases enlarged prostate
  • Supports prostate health and urinary tract function
  • Promotes healthy libido

Ninety percent of men in America have less than optimal prostate health by the time they are 60. Poor diet, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors are all known to cause this. Many men who are over 30 suffer from prostatitis, an enlarged prostate, or prostate cancer. Symptoms of these conditions include pain, difficulty urinating, and bladder and urinary tract infections.

hair analysis kit can reveal patterns that are associated with these prostate conditions, in addition to patterns that point more towards cancer. Nutritional balancing can be very helpful in correcting problems associated with prostatitis, which is often due to zinc deficiency or copper toxicity, as well as an enlarged prostate. However, Dr. Wilson does not recommend a Nutritional Balancing program for any cancer type. Cancer is a quick moving disease that nutritional balancing is not formulated to stop. But the program can be and is encouraged to be used when in remission.

Patterns that are often identified with prostate problems include:

  • Na/K ratio under 2.5
  • Zinc level under 14 mg%
  • Copper level above 2.5 mg%
  • Cadmium level above 0.01 mg%

As correction of these imbalances occurs, the conditions can be healed. A nutritional balancing program guided by hair analysis is helpful for determining your body’s mineral levels and ratios and work towards better health. Prostacine from Endo-met is a great supplement to help support healthy prostate functioning in men and improve overall health. Get a hair analysis kit today to determine your body’s needs and purchase Prostacine from Wellness Shopping Online!

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