Scanned Lab Report Fee

Analytical Research Labs, Inc.


Scanned Lab Report Fee

The Scanned Lab Report Fee covers the cost of the lab report book scanning that comes with purchase of the Hair Mineral Analysis Test Kit. International customers must pay this fee, as mailed reports will not be shipped to destinations outside the United States. 

In addition, United States customers who do not include their name and mailing address on the bottom right corner of the laboratory order form will also be charged for the scanning and digital delivery of this lab report. In this case, the report is mailed to us and we scan it, email it to you, and mail you the printed copy with your order of supplements.

Regretfully, we have been forced to temporarily suspend all business transactions with our United Kingdom and European Union based clientele. This decision is directly related to recently imposed VAT (Value Added Tax) rules for companies selling and shipping to the United Kingdom & European Union countries. HOWEVER, you can still receive all our products using a freight forwarding company, like (and others). They have the required registrations and will collect the applicable import duties and taxes from you for your purchase.  Please be advised that freight forwarding companies require customer VAT registration numbers before accepting a parcel destined for the United Kingdom and European Union-based countries.