Retest Hair Analysis Kit & Pattern Report

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Retest Hair Analysis Kit & Pattern Report

Hair Analysis Retests are recommended every three months to keep the body progressing towards optimal levels of healing.  Hair Analysis reveals the body's mineral ratios, mineral levels, and toxic metals with a sample of hair. This information helps guide a custom Body Mineral Balancing Program that includes supplement, diet, and lifestyle recommendations to most effectively heal the body. These recommendations will only stay accurate with regular retests. Furthermore, the lab will not process your test as a retest if it has been too long since your previous test. Please note that testing and consultations performed are not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription for any condition or disease. 

Client information and test results are no longer sent to Dr. Wilson for interpretation. Practitioner Eileen Durfee uses her vast experience and knowledge from working with Dr. Wilson to design customized programs with supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on test results from each individual's hair analysis. She is familiar with Dr. Wilson's patterns, Dr. Watt's interpretations, and Morley Robbins's recommendations. Practitioner Eileen Durfee is a spiritual person, who believes in spiritual healing and the power of prayer. She prays for healing for all of her clients. 

Important Notice:

The order forms needed to submit the hair sample will be mailed out to U.S. customers and emailed to International customers.

United States customers are required to put their home mailing address on the Lab Order Form (the blue form) to receive this book, or they will be subject to the $20 Scanned Lab Report fee. International customers MUST pay the Scanned Lab Report Fee when they purchase a Retest. 

International customers will not be mailed the lab report and must pay the required scan fee. This fee is required, even if the report is accidentally mailed out, due to the cost of shipping.

The Retest comes with the same supplies as the Initial Hair Analysis, including the instructions, order form, and a hair scale pattern to weigh the hair sample to send to the lab. 

Please remember that hair analysis tests are non-refundable and must be used within 6 months of purchase.

You will receive an email with your program recommendations that Practitioner Eileen Durfee designs for you. This includes information regarding your body's patterns, as well as supplement recommendations, and diet and lifestyle suggestions.  It can take 7-10 days from when we first receive your results to when you receive an email with your program report. 

The Retest comes with a lab report book, which is full of information regarding your results. Please note the above notice in red regarding receipt of this booklet.

If you need additional support with the program, you may purchase consultation from Eileen Durfee. Please note that phone calls, text messages, and emails are excluded from the program.

New York State residents: NY Public Health Law Section 574 prohibits hair analysis laboratories from processing hair samples from residents of New York at this time. We cannot process hair analysis orders with a NY State shipping address. If you have any questions please Contact us.