Sauna Fix Near Infrared Saunas

Sauna Fix NIR Saunas

Get the best price for the most valuable sauna therapy with the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna system! Invest in the highest quality, most energy efficient, and a truly healing therapeutic sauna with your purchase. 

Why the Sauna Fix is your best choice: 

Two tent designs are available for the Sauna fix: 1) The Convertible Tent that easily converts to sauna in three different ways, and the 2) Hot Yoga and Exercise Tent, that is spacious enough for exercise or to share with a second person. 

The Sauna Fix near infrared sauna lamps or convenient sauna tent and lamp bundles are fully tested, low emf, low energy usage, UL listed, CE and RoHS certified sauna and sauna accessories. It is not possible for a sauna to be zero EMF, since any product plugged into electricity generates some amount of EMF.  You can rest assured that we have taken proper precautions to guarantee the safety of this sauna system. The Sauna Fix lamp and corresponding tents do not outgas any harmful chemicals or toxins.  

Sauna Fix NIR Saunas are available for purchase worldwide and fitted for use in various outlet types in many countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, Europe, United Kingdom and the United States.  It is simple to assemble and get right into using.  Take the first step to improved wellness with this powerful detoxification sauna system.