Lab Testing

Types of Testing

Understand your lab tests and you understand your health.  We offer Medical grade Genetic, 24-hour saliva, urine, and hair tissue mineral analysis to reveal your metabolic, amino acids, and hormone ratios and levels in your body.

Learn Why Lab Testing is Done and What to Expect

Metabolic efficiency and balance are integral for optimal health. Though the body does its best to maintain homeostasis, genetic defects can create imbalances leaving us feeling depleted and unwell. A 24 hour saliva, urine, and hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), and medical genetic lab tests can provide invaluable insights into your metabolism, hormones, and amino acids so you have an understanding of what needs attention to achieve balance. Through this comprehensive testing process that evaluates 100 genetic markers, different vital minerals and heavy metals, hormones, and amino acids; underlying issues with your metabolism can be identified and addressed holistically.