Lab Evaluation and Recommendations with Eileen Durfee

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Lab Evaluation and Recommendations with Eileen Durfee (Non-Refundable Purchase)

HTMA and Nutritional Balancing Practitioner Eileen Durfee

If you have a lab report and need supplement recommendations, you may purchase this item, and Eileen Durfee will review your lab report and make appropriate supplement recommendations.  Email us your current hair analysis to, and you will get a reply with recommendations for the Endo-met Supplement brand.

Due to licensing agreements, Trace Elements supplements cannot be shipped to various countries. However, you can utilize the Endo-met brand of Supplements instead.  We wanted to give you confidence in making this switch because the owner of Trace Elements initially worked with Analytical Research Laboratories and Endo-met Supplements. You will get fantastic results working with us.

If your lab report is older than four (4) months, we recommend getting a new lab test to keep your program appropriate.  Hair analysis retests should occur every 3-4 months because the supplements shift your chemistry.  So instead of ordering this evaluation, if your last lab report is older than four (4) months, order a new lab test, which comes with the Endo-met Supplement recommendations.



A Hair Analysis test is a tissue biopsy that takes a hair sample in order to identify your body’s mineral ratios and imbalances, as well as toxic metals.  A Hair Analysis test also has predictive benefits as the results can reveal information about both current and potential health conditions. It addresses the causes of problems and works to fix them with the help of a customized Nutritional Balancing Program.  The recommended supplements will work to correct your body’s imbalances and improve your energy levels.  They will help lay up the preferred minerals in order to restore your health and eliminate toxins. This program is a safe, affordable, and effective way to enhance your well-being and get yourself to an optimal health level.