Test Strips

Test Strips

Test Strips

Precisely track your health while in between hair analysis tests with an assortment of test strips that reveal a variety of health parameters.  Choose from one, two, or all three of the available test strips to track your health. Each test provides different, yet valuable, information. 

pH Test Strips

Learn about your body's electrolyte deficiencies with the pH tests. The kit includes a Urine Alkaline Food Test, Urine Acid Food Test, Saliva Test, and Lemon Saliva Test. View the product below for complete instructions on how to use each test and understand the results. We recommend the mineral-enriching Healthy Salt to rebuild your body's alkaline reserve.

URS-14 Urine Test Strips (DISCONTINUED)

Interpret detailed 14-in-1 results with a urine sample and the URS-14 strips.  These results outline details on your urine levels of: ketone, bilirubin, leukocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, creatinine, calcium, pH, blood, glucose, specific gravity, microalbumin, ascorbate.  View the product below to learn more.

Water Test Strips (DISCONTINUED)

Analyze the cleanliness and quality of your drinking water with these test strips. One dip is all that's necessary to reveal the impurities and contaminants present in your water. Toxins displace good minerals in water and negatively impact your health.  These strips provide information that let you know if you should use a water treatment system in your home, or find another method to improve your water's quality. View the product below to learn how to use the strips and keep your water healthy.