If there is a defective item found within 30 days of delivery, the item is eligible for a prepaid return shipping label to Wellness Shopping Online.  Once the 30 day period has passed, the customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

A defective item will either be repaired or replaced with a reconditioned or new unit.  If the item is beyond repair or no longer in stock, the customer may receive a partial or complete refund, based on the situation and unit's life expectancy.

If the item is determined to have been damaged due to misuse or accidental damage, the customer will then be charged for any repairs or replacement parts acquired.

Specific product warranty information:

Sauna Fix

The Sauna Fix has a 3 year limited warranty which covers the sockets, electrical cord, electrical wiring switch, as well as any defective threads or welds or nickel finish.  The warranty does not cover cross threading as a result of improper light guard assembly, nor does it cover accidental damage or misuse, such as dropping, bending, or crushing the unit or its parts.

An extra socket comes with the sauna so if a failure occurs after the 30 day period, the customer can have an electrician replace the socket and avoid shipping fees.

Damages that are acquired during shipping, such missing parts or bent metal, must be reported within 7 days of the delivery date.  The customer must also keep the original package and supply pictures of the damage so that a claim can be submitted to the shipping company.

Sauna Tent | United States & International

There is a 1 year limited warranty on the Sauna Tent which covers the zippers, workmanship, and sewing for normal use.  This warranty does not cover any misuse or accidental damage, such as bent brackets or tent poles, ripped zipper binding, or punctures of the tent fabric.  It also does not cover any melted or scorched fabric.

Damages that occur during shipping must be documented with 7 days of delivery.  The original packaging must be kept and the customer must supply pictures of the damage in order for a claim to be made to the shipping company.

Enema Fix

Never pour any warm liquid into the jar.  Always pour in water first and then warm liquids.  The jar is not a coffee mug and will break if you pour coffee directly into the jar.  Jar breakage is excluded from your warranty.