Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators | Tri-Oxy FRESH, REVIVE and PURE

Wellness Shopping Online provides the best ozone machines to use ozone for both drinking water and air treatment. You can purchase the smaller Tri-Oxy FRESH unit, the Tri-Oxy REVIVE for relaxation and cosmetic benefits, or the line of Tri-Oxy PURE for your home. The choices are limitless!

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It is vital for human body to maintain optimal oxygen levels since it helps with elimination processes and allows it to function properly at all times. When adequate levels of oxygen are present in the body, it makes better use of the nutrients it receives with food and supplement consumption. It has been proven that you can boost your oxygen metabolism and increase natural energy levels by drinking ozonated water (water infused with ozone, an active state of oxygen composed of three oxygen atoms). Ozonated water can be consumed or used to clean dishes or wash hands since it kills germs on surfaces and fresh foods. Ozone rapidly destroys bacteria and viruses without leaving any toxic residue behind. Daily ozonated water consumption also has other ways of positively impacting human health, as ozone is even being used in cancer treatment

Now you can produce ozonated water at home with our small and medium-sized devices. Larger whole-home ozone systems, such as Tri-Oxy® PURE, provide on-demand ozone via your home's water line and produce enough ozonated water for use in the shower, laundry room, or even garden!