Glandular Supplements

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 2nd Apr 2015

One of your options when purchasing Endo-met supplements from Wellness Shopping Online includes Glandulars. Glandular products have been used as a natural supplement to help rebuild the body’s health and balance its chemistry since the 1990's. They have been strongly advocated and successfully used for treating a variety of health concerns.

So what are they? Glandular supplements are nutritionals that contain defatted organs, glands, or other tissues of mammals in freeze dried tablet or capsule form. The use of Glandular supplements correlates with the age-old saying, “like cures like.” This refers to the idea that the best possible nutrient to treat any specific gland, organ or tissue is that same gland, organ, or tissue. Intake of the same gland from another animal has the ability to strengthen and support the function of that gland in humans. Glandular supplements use these animal nutrients in concentrated forms to help protect and rebuild the human’s parallel parts. 

All Endo-met glandular products come from natural bovine sources using a preparation method that ensures pure and biologically active supplements. They meet or exceed all government standards. 


  • Are effective in rebuilding and improving functions of glands and tissues
  • Help protect body from injury and stress
  • Target other vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to use for repair of glands and organs
  • Are non-toxic and relatively inexpensive
  • Only contain nutritional factors that are designed to enhance the absorption and use of glandular nucleoproteins
  • Do not contain hormones and are created to improve the body’s natural hormone production

Today’s processed and refined diets lead to malnutrition that can be helped with obtaining those invaluable nutrients from glandular supplements. Glandular supplementation also helps support biochemical balance and identify what causes imbalances.

Glandulars can be taken for many years; as with any supplements, it depends on the person. If you are looking for high quality Glandular supplement to meet your nutritional needs, check out the Endo-met varieties sold at Wellness Shopping Online!

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