Chromium Nicotinate Plus with Hair Analysis

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 4th Nov 2015

Chromium Nicotinate Plus from Endomet is a mineral supplement of chromium. Two capsules of Chromium Nicotinate Plus contains 2.6 mg of niacin and 400 mcg of chromium.  United States Government researchers have identified niacin-bound chromium as an active component of true Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) and holds responsibility for binding cell membrane receptor sites to insulin.

Both niacin and chromium are contained in Chromium Nicotinate Plus as polynicotinate, which has great biological activity. It binds elemental chromium to niacin (vitamin B3) which supplies a biologically active form of chromium. It also helps to increase the absorption of chromium for the body. 

The minimal amount of chromium in soil and water today, in addition to refined diets, plays a part in why it can be difficult to maintain stable blood sugar levels. The chromium as polynicotinate in Chromium Nicotinate Plus helps to stabilize blood sugar and can be useful to those with hypoglycemia and diabetes. Supplemented chromium can also be used to help control cholesterol.

Further benefits of Polynicotinate:

  • Helps stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Helps with glucose metabolism
  • Helps with energy production
  • Critical to synthesis of fats, proteins and cholesterol

Chromium has also been used to support those with depression, polycystic ovary syndrome, and for help in lowering bad cholesterol or raising good cholesterol.

Despite the benefits of supplemented chromium, it is important to not take too much of it. Chromium is considered an essential trace element since only small amounts of it are necessary for human health. Make sure to read the labels so you know how much you’re getting. As always, we recommend a  hair analysis kit to learn about your body’s needs and take correct doses of appropriate supplements.

Purchase a hair analysis kit today to find out what your body requires for optimal health! You can purchase  Chromium Nicotinate Plus from Endo-met from Wellness Shopping Online. 

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