Hair Analysis: Why We Use Analytical Research Labs

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 22nd Mar 2015

Get your Hair Analysis test and Nutritional Balancing program to determine the toxic metals and mineral imbalances in your body! This will help guide a corrective program customized to enhance your health. This is the most affordable and reliable method for precise results that will lead the way to a healthier life.  All of the Hair Analysis tests purchased through us are processed by Analytical Research Labs and reviewed by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Why we recommend Analytical Research Labs

There are several factors that contribute to why Analytical Research Labs is the most  recommended for processing Hair Analysis tests:

  • They do not wash the hair samples at the lab

For the most complete analysis, it is necessary that the hair is not washed in the lab before testing. The results can vary when the washing agents and chemicals remove natural minerals from the hair. 

  • Dr. Eck’s ideal ratios and levels are used

Analytical Research Labs provides a full Hair Analysis test interpretation based on Dr. Paul Eck's methods. This includes information about energy levels, carbohydrate tolerance, autonomic balance, metabolic trends, diet guidelines, metabolic rate, sugar tolerance, immune system, glandular activity, and a customized supplement program.

  • Personalized Dr. Wilson program

All Hair Analysis tests processed with Analytical Research Labs include a Dr. Wilson created and customized program based on your personal lifestyle and diet to provide the most successful and accurate outcome.

A criticism may be made that other research labs point out more toxic elements than Analytical Research Labs. However, ARL does not review more toxic metals than are necessary to help create a corrective program. They analyze and report only the essential information in order to keep the costs low and lead the way with the most accurate Nutritional Balancing Science program possible.

Purchase your Hair Analysis test from Wellness Shopping Online today for the best results and a personalized plan to help improve your health and future!

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