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Wellness Shopping Online is supported by Nutritional Balancing & Lifestyle Coach Eileen Durfee, an approved practitioner of Dr. Wilson & Associates for the Customized Hair Analysis.  Getting a Customized Hair Analysis program is highly encouraged, however, we also sell standard laboratory hair analysis without consultations and coaching.

Analytical Research Laboratories, Inc. was established by Dr. Paul C. Eck in 1974 after he spent the majority of his adult life evaulating research studies of biochemistry, pathology, nutrition, physiology, and psychology.  For an accurate tissue mineral analysis interpretation, a number of modern biological, biochemical, and physiological concepts were combined by Dr. Eck including - Dr. Hans Selye's discovered stages of stress, Dr. Melvin Page's sympathetic and parasympathetic balancing, Dr. George Watson's oxidation types, and Dr. William Albrecht (and others)'s mineral balancing.  There is not another laboratory that combines the use of all these concepts to understand the importance of metabolic patterns, tissue mineral levels, and ratios.  

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Many innovations were pioneered by Dr. Eck regarding trace mineral deficiencies and excesses, as well as their relationship to several metabolic dysfunctions that can associate with disease.  Dr. Eck was known as an authority concerning the science of balancing body chemistry with the use of a hair tissue mineral analysis. Not all hair analysis testing is created equal or reliable, and that is why we proudly offer Analytical Research Laboratories, Inc. testing using the interpretation methods of Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

In order for a hair analysis to be accurate and meaningful the hair sample cannot be washed at the laboratory as shown by the 2001 study in the Journal of the AMA (Seidel, S. et al., Assessment of Commercial Laboratories Performing Hair Mineral Analysis, JAMA, 285(1) Jan 3:67-72.). We use Analytical Research Laboratories, Inc. because they do not wash hair samples. They use the Perkin Elmer Elan 9000 ICP Mass Spectrometer to assess mineral and heavy metal levels and perform lab control testing at the beginning, middle and end of every hair sample batch. Any reading outside of the expected range is automatically retested to ensure accuracy.