Five Reasons To Add Trace Elements and Endo-Met to Your Vitamin Supply

Five Reasons To Add Trace Elements and Endo-Met to Your Vitamin Supply

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 9th Jun 2021

Feeling LethargicDo you often feel lethargic? Do you feel that your overall health and well-being are far from optimal? Then perhaps you’re not getting the nutrition your body needs.

Though having fruits and vegetables on your plate is good, it may not be enough for proper health. Americans do not get all the nutrients they need from the food that they eat. A majority of people fail to reach the average requirement for vitamins D and E.

Moreover, over a third lacks vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium. Thankfully, there are nutritional supplements from Trace Elements and Endo-Met to the rescue.

With so many options available out there, why should you consider these two brands? What makes them stand out from the rest? Please continue reading below five reasons you should add them to your daily vitamin supply.

1. They Help Improve Digestive Health

One of the best reasons you should include Endo-Met or Trace Elements supplements in your daily diet is the digestive benefits they offer. Endo-Met Dietary Aids products help improve digestive health in different ways.

If your body is a slow oxidizer, the Betaine HCL and Pepsin supplement can help you with your condition.

If you want something that will help your detoxification, GB-3 is the product you want to consider. However, GB-3 has a laxative effect, which may not sit well with some people. If you have problems with diarrhea, then Enzaid is your perfect alternative.

Meanwhile, Trace Elements also offers its own set of Digestive Aids. If you’re having problems digesting food, adding Digest-Zymehas will be a great help. It aids not only in digestion but also in the consumption of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

For people with gall bladder problems, the HCL Plus is your best bet. It comes with Betaine Hydrochloride and pepsin to promote the release of gastric HCL. HCL plays a big role in digestion, especially for seniors.

2. They Boost Your Metabolism

Boosted Metabolism

Trace Elements and Endo-Met also offer supplements that help boost metabolism. Trace Elements have the Para-Pack and the Sym-Pack Metabolic Packs.

Para-Pack is specifically designed for people who have a slow metabolism. It works by supporting cellular oxidation and energy production. Furthermore, it helps meet the free radical generation of the cytoplasm. In turn, it aids in the overall metabolism, which is crucial for various bodily functions, including the support of your humoral immune response. It also helps control your glucose levels. Moreover, it aids in detoxifying the body.

On the flip side, the Sym-Pack works for people with a fast metabolism. It helps decrease cellular oxidation and fortifies cellular respiration.

On Endo-Met’s side, they also have their Metabolic Packs. The Stress Pak offers an extensive lineup of vitamins and minerals in one capsule. These nutrients aim to fight off stress and oxidation.

Another is the SBF Formula. It features a unique combination of vitamins and minerals. These include Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin B1. You will also find L Glutathione, L-Methionine USP/FCC, and Thymus Substance. This helps boost the immune system.

3. They Aid Glandular Activity

Another important reason to add Endo-Met or Trace Elements supplements to your diet is the glandular benefits. The glands are responsible for releasing different kinds of hormones. These hormones perform specific functions necessary in controlling and coordinating different processes in the body.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans have glandular problems and endocrine disorders. Common examples are low testosterone, thyroid disorders, and diabetes.

By taking Endo-Met Endo-Dren glandular, you can experience improvement in your adrenal response. It features key ingredients like enzymes, polypeptides, and nucleoproteins. These all work together to enhance the body’s glandular functions.

If you’re a fast oxidizer, you can try the Endo-met Thym-Adren. This thymus supplement features a combination of thymus and adrenal gland nucleoprotein alongside synergistic nutrients.

Trace Elements also offers similar products. Their Adrenal Complex can help facilitate the metabolic use of nutrients and nucleoproteins in your adrenal glands. In turn, it can help your body metabolize fats, proteins, carbs, and cholesterol faster.

Another product worth noting is the Thymus Complex. Its main focus is to supply specific dietary components that help stimulate the decline in your central nervous system. In turn, it can help boost your resistance and improve your immune response.

4. They Provide Your Daily Dose of Vitamins and Minerals

Aside from supplements that focus on improving specific functions, these two companies also offer your basic lineup of vitamins and minerals for your daily needs. Interestingly, about 90% of Americans have a nutritional deficiency.

If you have vitamin E deficiency, you can try Trace Element’s Vitamin E Plus II. It features high-potency vitamin E that they combine with Selenium (L-selenomethionine).

If you’re looking to boost your vitamin C, try their Vitamin C Plus. It features ascorbic acid, manganese amino acid chelate, and bioflavonoids from rose hips.

Meanwhile, Endo-Met offers a variety of mineral supplements. They have Chelated Magnesium to boost the body’s different enzyme systems. If you want protection against viral infections, you can try their Zinc Supplement.

If you have an imbalance in cellular potassium and cellular sodium, you can add their Limcomin Supplement to your daily diet. Aside from balancing these two, they can also help fight different infections.

5. You Can Be Sure of Their Quality and Safety

Last but not least, you will never go wrong with Trace Supplements and Endo-Met Supplements regarding quality and safety. Both companies follow strict standards to ensure the highest quality possible.

Taking Quality Vitamins

Moreover, they have years of experience in developing nutritional dietary supplements. They match their products with the biochemical individuality of their users.

Get Your Trace Elements and Endo-Met Supplements, Today!

Now that you know why supplements from Endo-Met and Trace Elements are excellent additions to your vitamin supply, you have more options that will help improve your health and well-being. If you’re wondering where you can get these supplements at friendly prices, then you don’t need to look any further.

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