Endo-met's Renamide

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 8th Jul 2015

One of the commonly recommended optional supplements of a Dr. Wilson Nutritional Balancing program guided by a Hair Analysis Kit is Renamide from Endo-Met Labs. Renamide is one of Endo-met’s chelated glandulars, which are great nutritional products taken to help balance the body’s chemistry and rebuild health. Glandulars contain defatted glands, organs, or tissues from bovine or porcine sources in order to treat the same gland, organ, or tissue in humans.

Renamide in particular is a kidney supplement that contains freeze-dried kidney glandular extract, vitamin C, carbamide and uva ursi, as well as magnesium, manganese, and bovine kidney substance. The kidney nucleoprotein together with specific synergistic nutrients work as a fantastic aid for heavy metal detoxification of the body.

Some of the uses of renamide include:

  • General kidney support: This is vital as the kidneys are major detoxification organs. Renamide can help with removal of toxic metals from the kidneys, as they accumulate and congest the kidneys when their levels are elevated.
  • Help with high blood pressure – kidney congestion can lead to hypertension or high blood pressure.
  • Help with various symptoms including back pain, edema, ankle or leg swelling, renal failure, bladder and kidney infections, etc.

Because of all these beneficial uses, renamide may be taken as an optional supplement with many nutritional balancing programs. It can more specifically be used to help correct a poor or very poor eliminator pattern. 

Overall, renamide works as a powerful supplement to help remove heavy metals from the body, which is one of the main goals of a Nutritional Balancing Program. Renamide is available in both 90 and 180 tabs from Wellness Shopping Online. And with the purchase of a Hair Analysis Kit, you can discover your body’s nutritional needs and what products are right for you! 

Other Ingredients contained in renamide include: Microcrystalline cellulose (plant), stearic acid (palm). Croscarmellose sodium (plant cellulose), silicon dioxide (silica), hypromellose (plant), ethyl cellulose, magnesium stearate (palm), glycerin (vegetable) and hydroxypropyl cellulose (plant).

Renamide is GMO-free and also does not contain casein, dairy, egg, gluten, lactose, soy, wheat, whey or yeast.

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