Infrared Light Therapy for Arthritis: An Alternative for Pain Relief

Infrared Light Therapy for Arthritis: An Alternative for Pain Relief

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 12th May 2021

You might already know that infrared light therapy is extraordinary for healing both your muscle tissue and your skin.

But have you ever heard of infrared light therapy for arthritis? Yes, you read that right. Not only does infrared pain relief work instantly, but it's also harmless.

Read on to learn why infrared light therapy for pain is such a great alternative to traditional arthritis treatments.

Intro to Infrared Light Therapy

Millions of people across America suffer from arthritis every day. There are more than 100 symptoms that you should watch out for. No matter what your experience is, most arthritic people suffer from inflammation and pain regularly. Not to mention stiff and swollen joints when walking.

Nonetheless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some people can recover from their arthritis symptoms. They can even live a normal lifestyle after several medical treatments.

However, according to modern science, there is no official cure for arthritis (yet!)

So, whether you choose surgery or pharmaceutical methods, managing your illness is usually the best way to go about it. In many incidences, your physician might also suggest holistic remedies such as:

Sauna Therapy

With so many choices to pick from, it can be hard to decide which method of treatment is best for you. Have you considered trying infrared light therapy yet? If not, you are in for a real treat.

On top of alleviating inflammation, infrared light therapy can reduce joint pain in people with arthritis too.

For the uninitiated, here is how light therapy works: Infrared light therapy is a noninvasive, natural way to treat your arthritis without any drugs involved. By sending light to your cells and skin, infrared lamps can alleviate stress and boosts cell production. The result is a more powerful body that can mend itself faster than ever before.

In addition to healing rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, you can even reduce spinal, wrist, and hand pain.

Osteoarthritis and Infrared Light Therapy

Ever thought about treating osteoarthritis with infrared light therapy? If that's the case, then you are already on the right track. In case you didn't know, infrared light therapy has a positive impact on inflammation, joint pain, and arthritis.

All that you have to do is pair stretching with infrared light therapy to see a significant improvement in your osteoarthritis pain. This can easily and comfortably be done with the Hot Yoga Exercise Tent. This enclosure is spacious enough to perform exercise while undergoing light therapy. Surprisingly enough, these combined treatments are much more effective than either one on its own.

As we mentioned above, red light therapy is excellent for reducing pain. But did you know that is also fantastic for increasing the range of motion and functionality of your joints?

Miraculously, those with knee pain have seen their stamina increase after months of red light therapy and stretching. One of the craziest things is that infrared light therapy can actually help your cartilage regenerate too.

Infrared therapy is also wonderful for healing meniscus tears. In fact, it is known to decrease the symptoms of this painful diagnosis. Infrared light therapy is even offered to patients who refuse to undergo surgery for their meniscal tear pain.

What's the real deal about generalized knee pain? If "general knee pain" is your primary issue, then you'll be happy to know that infrared light therapy can work wonders for this type of problem as well.

Hand Pain and Infrared Light Therapy

Arthritis Hand Pain

When it comes to hand pain and infrared light therapy, the two can, in fact, go hand in hand.

If you are a woman suffering from hand arthritis, listen up. You might be surprised to find out that infrared light therapy and ultrasounds are viable treatments for you. In addition to decreasing the amount of pain in your hand, infrared light therapy has also been shown to reduce arthritis in your:

  • Knees
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Jaw

That's not all. Although infrared light therapy is a good alternative to other remedies, it still isn't a cure for arthritis. However, scientists do think that light therapy is effective at addressing the underlying cause of arthritis.

By decreasing cytokine levels and increasing immune cells, light therapy can lower inflammation. This is all done through a super-complicated process called "photobiostimulation."

The bottom line is that in the fight against arthritis, infrared light therapy is a necessity.

Try Infrared Light Therapy for Arthritis Today

Sick and tired of your body hurting all day? We totally feel your pain. Luckily for you, the answer is simple: try infrared light therapy for arthritis today. The Sauna Fix infrared sauna lamp offers the most powerful sauna therapy you need for daily detofixiation and pain relief in the comfort of your own home. Whether it's your knees, neck, back, or jaw, infrared light therapy is one of the best alternative treatments out there.

You can also invest in one of the available radiant tents to further increase the benefits of the light therapy. The Convertible Tent allows you the option to take a sauna standing, sitting, or lying down. Those who enjoy a hearty workout can pair exercise with infrared light therapy in the Hot Yoga Exercise Tent for improved therapy and even faster results.

Dealing with osteoarthritis of the knees? Join the club. However, you don't have to suffer in pain alone anymore. With infrared light therapy, you can gain more mobility and flexibility in no time. Who knows - you might be able to take a walk without grimacing in pain before you know it.

Want to learn more about light therapy for joint pain? Contact our experts about infrared therapy for pain now!