Hair Analysis and Enzaid as a Digestive Aid

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 2nd Oct 2015

Enzaid from Endo-met is a digestive aid that is typically recommended when GB-3 is not tolerated. Some clients experience excessive diarrhea when taking GB-3, so they may be more comfortable taking Enzaid. This multiple enzyme supplements 100 mg of Beet Root, as well as the Pancreatin 4 X (75 mg) and Ox Bile extract (50 mg) that GB-3 is known for. Both of these are powerful at digesting candida organisms, bacteria, parasites, and debris in the intestines. They also help the sympathetic nervous system rest and rebuild by inhibiting it.

Enzaid is a complete dietary aid that contains starch and fat digestants, as well as proteolytic enzymes. It emphasizes the pancreatic and liver enzymes, which are natural sources and derived from animal pancreas and liver. Dr. John Beard, author of The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer, discovered that these pancreatic enzymes can help to work against cancer cells.

Nearly everyone needs this kind of digestive support today, especially those who are ill or over age 50. Low digestive enzyme levels are so common and even more so in adults. This includes low levels of the pancreatic and liver enzymes that are critical for digestion, as well as low stomach acid. Fewer digestive enzymes are produced due to overuse of the sympathetic nervous system, which inhibits digestion and elimination. A powerful digestive aid is recommended to help with this.

Digestive aids can help with:

  • Improper digestion
  • Nutritional absorption
  • Gas and bloating
  • Detoxification

Rebuilding the digestive tract is one of the main goals of a nutritional balancing program and is essential for optimum health. If tolerated, Dr. Wilson strongly recommends taking GB-3 which, in addition to pancreatin and ox bile, also contains Russian black radish. But he much prefers Enzaid over Betain HCL and Pepsin as the backup digestive aid if needed.

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