​Endo-met Supplements and Nutritional Balancing

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 13th Apr 2015

A Hair analysis kit from Wellness Shopping Online comes with a Nutritional Balancing program that consists of a personalized dietary supplement guide to accompany the Dr. Wilson interpretation. Analytical Research Labs processes all the samples from our hair analysis kits and was the first lab to recognize the importance of mineral ratios, rather than as individuals. So the interpretations focus on mineral relationships and how to correct the balances.

Analytical Research Labs supplies a high quality line of supplements from Endo-met. These help achieve the goal of increasing the body’s energy with a balanced oxidation rate and mineral levels and ratios. An increase in energy allows for more sufficient detoxifying and healing.

Some great qualities of Endo-met supplements:

  • They support digestion and the body’s systems of elimination
  • They weaken intestinal paradises (which are responsible for producing toxic substances)
  • They contain antagonists which oppose or compete with toxins
  • They also contain chelators (a special type of antagonist) which removes toxic metals from the body or helps with removal

Analytical Research Labs was established and Endo-met products were founded by Dr. Eck who combined many physiological, biological, biochemical concepts in order to interpret hair analysis results. He was a known authority when it came to the science of using hair analysis to balance body chemistry.

The nutritional products from Endo-met correlate with Dr. Eck’s same approach to mineral balancing to best restore form to the body. These supplements supply the preferred minerals so toxic ones can be replaced and the body’s enzyme systems can be restored. These are specially designed to match each individual person’s needs. Plus, each particular product receives proper attention in order to be accurately filled.

Complete your Endo-met supplement shopping here at Wellness Shopping Online for high quality products that are specifically made to balance your body’s chemistry. 

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