Nutritional Balancing Benefits

Our Nutritional Balancing and Lifestyle Coach is 

Eileen Durfee*

1.         HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS. This program is designed to help enhance your body's energy-producing mechanisms. Energy becomes available for various activites including healing and removing toxins. The trick to raising the energy level is to balance body chemistry and keep it balanced with retests.  The symptoms may not be relieved in the order you wish, but they are relieved in the order of severity. Before other symptoms are gone, the most serious conditions could be healed first.

2.         HEALING REACTIONS.   There may be aches and pains, sore throats, colds, old injury flare-ups, etc. experienced temporaritly during the program. These are what we refer to as healing reactions. They can be caused due to chronic infections healing or toxic metals, chemicals, drugs or other foreign substances being eliminated.

A "housecleaning" takes place as your adaptive energy begins to increase. Your body starts to automatically cleanse and repair itself.  The temporary symptoms are an effect of this.  If these symptoms bother you, please let us know. Changes in the program can often alleviate the symptoms.


Improvement can be noticed from most people within a few weeks to months.  However, it can require two or three years to properly replenish minerals and eliminate toxic substances. This program is a deep and permanent correction of body chemistry and the time it takes will depend on how you adapt to the diet, lifestyle, supplements, and detoxification protocols.

4.         EMOTIONAL CHANGES.  Positive and attitude changes can occur as your energy level increases.  As your nervous system's function is enhanced, more energy is available allowing you an improved ability to feel and express yourself.  The energy also becomes available to work through previous emotional traumas.  In addition, memories are linked with mineral patterns - therefore as you release those unhealthy patterns, unhealthy emotions and memories can also release.

If negative feelings or memories surface, it is best to observe them and they will pass. But if any emotional symptoms are bothering you, contact us for help in release the feelings.

5.         COMBINED WITH OTHER PROGRAMS.  We advise you not to combine this program with any other dietary, herbal, or nutrient regimens.  This will only harm the effectivness of the program. Also, ask before adding any further nutritional or herbal remedies.  However, we highly recommend other holistic therapies such as chiropractice, reflexology, body work, and cranio-sacral therapy. These combine well with the program.

Remain on your current medication until the physician who has prescribed it agrees you do not need it.

6.         RETESTING.  It is important to take periodic retests in order to monitor needed adjustments for your diet, detoxification, and supplement needs.

* Eileen Durfee offers this healing work as an unlicensed health consultant, and is a minister with a diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science.