Hormone Test 24 Hour Saliva

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Hormone Test 24 Hour Saliva

The Hormone Test 24 Hour Saliva evaluates STRESS & SEX Hormones to establish overall health status for both men and women.   Here adrenal cortex status can be established and targeted hormone therapy can be included in your protocol.  Consider saving money by purchasing the HPA 4 Amino Acid + Hormone Profile. This bundle includes both the Metabolic Testing (Urine) + Hormone Test 24 Hour Saliva and Hormone Test 24 Hour Saliva, as well as your first supply of the Custom Day Crème and Custom Night Crème!

This profile also includes two custom cremes: an AM crème and a PM crèmeDay cremes will last for 30 days if you use 2x/day. Night cremes will last for 55 days if you use 1x/day. Those with chronic sleep interruptions may choose to use the PM crème 2x/night, which would make it last 30 days. Ingredients included may be plant derived hormone precursors, herbs, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and nootropics.

Markers included in the Hormone Test 24 Hour Saliva: 6 x Circadian Saliva Collection Evaluates: Cortisol 6 x , DHEA-S 3 x, Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone.

Collection times: 8AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM, 12AM, 4AM

Suggested use: 6 x 24hr saliva collection 

Instructions: For the most accurate results of your current hormone levels, ship specimen within 2 days of collection.

Saliva Collection Instructions:
1. To help your body produce enough saliva for this test please drink at least 5-7 glasses of water the day before and the day of the test.
2. Before starting sample collection:
Avoid bleeding gums, do not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum, or floss for 45 minutes before collection. Bleeding will invalidate test and make recollection necessary. Recollection due to blood contamination will have additional fees.
3. Begin with the 8AM collection tube(s). Depending upon your test, continue with all other tubes included and finishing with the 4AM collection tube. Open the correct time-labeled tube and withdraw the salivette swab. If you are having a regular period, collect saliva on 2nd day of bleeding, or on the day your practitioner instructed you.
4. It is very important that the samples be collected at the correct time and placed in the properly time-labeled tubes. Set a timer if necessary. Each hormone collection tube is identified with a collection time.
5. Open the correct time-labeled tube and withdraw the salivette. Some days have multiple tubes, use all tubes intended for that day. (Day 2 is second day of period)
6. Place the salivette in your mouth between gums and cheek. Rub your cheek and wiggle your tongue to stimulate saliva secretion. DO NOT CHEW. Be sure the salivette is soaked with saliva before removing it from your mouth.
7. Place the salivette back into the smaller tube located inside the transport tube and tighten the cap to eliminate leakage.
8. Store the samples in the freezer, as they are collected. Make sure you use all the tubes intended for the collection and that your name, birth date, and date of collection is on all tubes, questionnaire and the request slip.

The frequency of retests is based on your test results. 

Please note that the cremes ship separately and are not eligible for returns since they are custom made to order. Order cancellations will also not be accepted on cremes. Read more.