Supplement Vegetables with Endo-Veggies!

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 17th May 2016

Endo-Veggies from Endo-met offer clients on a Nutritional Balancing Program a product so help supplement their vegetable intake. The cooked vegetable diet is a huge and important part of Nutritional Balancing, and most people do not eat anywhere near the amount of vegetables they need. It is recommended that everyone eat 6-9 cups of cooked vegetables every day, or 2-3 cups per meal. The reason for this is because of the alkaline reserve minerals they contain, as well as the carotenoids they provide. Carotenoids consist of chemicals that are excellent anti-oxidants. 

Endo-Veggies are a freeze dried phyto-nutrient concentrate that contain actual real vegetables. They are a preferable option to green superfood powders for providing vegetables for several reasons.

  • Endo-Veggies are convenient. They do not have to be refrigerated or frozen to prevent spoiling.
  • Endo-Veggies do not contain the algaes of green superfood powders, which leave toxic residue in the liver.
  • Endo-Veggies are better for digestion, a high priority aspect of Nutritional Balancing. The added liquid with green superfood powders can weaken the stomach acid and digestion. Other foods or sweeteners added to green superfood powders can also make it hard to digest.
  • Endo-Veggies have longer lasting freshness. They will not spoil the way green superfood powders can when exposed to air.

Endo-Veggies provide a convenient and effective way to supplement vegetables in daily life. This can be especially helpful for those who struggle with enjoying the taste of cooked vegetables several times per day. Food toppings such as butter, cream, cheese, pesto can be added to help enhance the flavor of vegetables, and added fats may actually be recommended for some fast oxidizers.

Purchase a hair analysis kit to learn about your oxidation level, what your body needs, and the dosage of Endo-Veggies that would be more beneficial to you. Endo-Veggies are available in both 90 and 180 sizes. Continue to shop all of the fantastic Endo-met supplements here

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