Hair Analysis: Arthritis

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 19th Mar 2015

Having your hair analyzed with a Hair Analysis test can give you more energy and leave you feeling great, but it also can supply you with information about present and potential health conditions. The results of a Hair Analysis test discover unbalanced mineral ratios, toxic metals, oxidation rates, and excess and deficient minerals.  All of these components can be analyzed to help identify dysfunction causes, reduce symptoms, and reduce the odds of arthritis development.

The most frequent arthritis symptoms are:

  • Joint pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Stiffness

A number of deficiencies or excesses of nutrients can lead to the inflamed joints associated with arthritis. With the help of a Hair Analysis test, those imbalanced minerals can be identified and along with Nutritional Balancing Science, can guide a corrective program to alleviate arthritic symptoms.

The interpretation of a Hair Analysis test can report your oxidation rate, also know as metabolism speed, which can supply further knowledge about what is happening inside your body. Minerals can be improperly metabolized when the metabolic rate slows down - leading to joint pain. The Hair Analysis test can also recognize your mineral ratios. This is valuable because if the wrong minerals accumulate in the wrong locations, it can result in stiffness, arthritic pain, and degeneration. 

A Hair Analysis test has predictive properties that allow it to notice metabolic trends that suggest arthritis or other dysfunctions. Fortunately, it can identify these trends before the symptoms are present.  A Nutritional Balancing Program can help correct these imbalances early and dramatically reduce any symptoms that could possibly develop into arthritis in the future. 

Because nutrient deficiencies can be concealed, it is important to have Hair Analysis retests to uncover all the toxic metals that could lead to arthritis.  The metals may only be exposed as they mobilize from the joints, which can be done with a Nutritional Balancing Science program.

The Hair Analysis test assists in understanding, recognizing, and correcting mineral imbalances and masked arthritis causes.  Buy your Hair Analysis test now and get started on a Nutritional Balancing Program to reduce your pain from abnormal minerals and toxic ratios!

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