The Benefits of Trace Elements, Inc.

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 31st Mar 2015

Wellness Shopping Online offers products from Trace Elements Inc., which has been a leading provider of Hair Analysis Laboratory services and Nutritional Metabolic products for health professionals of all kinds since 1984. That means one of the great things about Trace Elements, Inc. products is that they have been specially formulated to work alongside a Hair Analysis test interpretation and Nutritional Balancing Science program. A Hair Analysis test helps to balance the body’s chemistry and by taking the proper supplements, you provide further guidance towards restoring your body’s optimal health.

Trace Elements, Inc. aims to provide the absolute maximum absorption with as little supplementation as possible. The applied knowledge of complex synergistic and antagonistic nutritional interrelationships to the formulation of the products makes this possible.

Further benefits of Trace Elements, Inc. products include:

  • All nutritional supplements are manufactured from the highest quality and contain the finest raw materials
  • Tablet and capsule sizes are designed for easy patient acceptance
  • All products meet National Formulary and United States Pharmacopoeia standards
  • Products consist of professional hypo-allergenic formulations which do not contain any of the following: wheat, yeast, milk or corn allergens, soy, alfalfa, sugar, salt, starch, hydrogenated oils, wax, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • All products are manufactured under strict guidelines and approved by a laboratory analysis and certification, ensuring the highest quality and consistency
  • Glandular sources are imported tissue concentrates and are prepared with the favored lyophilization method – this guarantees that the desirable nutritional factors are retained while eliminating domestic toxins and contaminants

Trace Elements, Inc. supplements are both reliable and economical products that correlate with the body. Feel confident in your purchase of Trace Elements, Inc. supplements as great quality and effectiveness is ensured with each product. Fulfill your nutritional supplement needs today and order Trace Elements products from Wellness Shopping Online!

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