What is Nutritional Balancing?

What is Nutritional Balancing Science, and Why Use It

Nutritional Balancing science is holistic in the sense that it is not about diagnosing or treating any particular disease but utilizes hair mineral testing to design nutrition, supplement and lifestyle programs to improve the body’s energy level, reduce stress, rest the sympathetic nervous system and balance the oxidation rate of the body. Nutritional balancing is at its holistic best when treating toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals because it relies on the body’s wisdom knowing the ideal order and timing for eliminating toxins, versus chasing after toxic metals and chemicals through the use of EDTA, DMPS, DMSA and other yin synthetic chelators.

21 minerals and toxic metals are accurately identified through hair mineral testing and the results reveal important mineral levels and ratios and provides information regarding the persons metabolic rate, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, energy levels, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends. Everyone’s body is operating in a unique mineral and toxic environment that dictates how their body organs and systems will function or malfunction, and how their body will accumulate toxins or be somewhat naturally protected from accumulation.

Correction of a person’s body chemistry involves taking supplements that have been mathematically calculated and recommended by hair analysis to replace preferred minerals in enzyme binding sites to restore full enzyme activity, and balance the adrenal and thyroid glands so toxic metals and contaminants used as catalyst’s can be mobilized and excreted from the body.

Nutritional Balancing science makes the person healthier so the body can overcome disease by itself. It moves the person from "artificial health" that requires constant medical tests, procedures, medications and surgeries, to "natural health" where the body starts functioning normally with preferred minerals in millions of enzyme binding sites, and has a state of high resistance to all disease.

Wellness Shopping Online sells Trace Elements, INC. Laboratory testing services and recommended Trace Nutrient Supplements; and Endo-met Supplements based on Analytical Research Laboratories, Inc. (ARL) Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis results and recommendations. Practitioner Eileen Durfee makes individual recommendations based on these results. Your Nutritional Balancing Program can be customized to your lifestyle and symptomology, when you order an ARL Hair Analysis.

It was shown that contaminants absorbed by inhalation, ingestion, and/or dermal exposure, such as: Asbestos, radionuclides, benzene, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), fiberglass, mercury, lead, silicon, sulfuric acid – agents associated with cancer as well as severe lung pathology, neurological and cardiovascular disease, and a myriad of immune dysfunctions; have been mobilized and excreted from the bodies of workers and soldiers through intensive sauna and mineral therapy[1].

With the Nutritional Balancing Science originally developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck,  more than a dozen methods are used together in order to detoxify the body.

Nutritional Balancing Includes:

1.      Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis and Diet Program:

The body's adaptive energy is increased with a balanced oxidation rate and major mineral levels and ratios though Laboratory testing, recommended Endo-met supplementation and diet changes. Much more energy is accessible for detoxification and healing, which is the difference between this program and a symptomatic approach to detoxification.

  • Endo-met supplementation contains antagonists that oppose or compete with toxic substances,
  • Endo-met supplementation contains chelators, a special type of antagonists that dislodge toxic metals and escort toxic metals out of the body or facilitate the removal of toxic metals,
  • Endo-met supplementation provides preferred minerals so the body replaces toxic minerals restoring the body’s enzyme systems,
  • Endo-met supplementation supports the digestion and elimination systems of the body, and weakens intestinal parasites that produce toxic substances in the intestines,
  • Eat at least three regular meals every day, however, some people should eat four or five smaller meals to balance their blood sugar and prevent stress on the adrenal gland,
  • Eat slowly and chew each mouthful of food at least five or more times,

2.      Adequate Sleep and Rest:

The single most important lifestyle change is to sleep and rest so your body can regenerate and focus on healing, which takes energy.

  • Sleep at least 8 or more hours every single day, and take 15 minute naps or sleep for an hour in the afternoon,
  • Go to bed ideally between 8 and 9 PM, as the natural sleep cycle is from sundown to sunup,

3.      Drinking Enough Clean Water:

The second most important change for adults is to drink 3 or more quarts of pure spring water daily, which can speed up the healing process.


4.      Avoid Toxic Exposures whenever possible:

Environmental toxins come in many forms and can contribute to any imaginable symptom or illness. Toxic metals slowly deactivate enzyme systems, weaken body structures and have other degenerative effects. As more of the toxic metals accumulate, digestion and absorption of the essential minerals worsens, which causes the body to accumulate more toxic metals and the body begins to lose the ability to eliminate toxic metals; which can result in death. Potential sources of contamination:

  • Household cleaning chemicals,
  • Landscape maintenance herbicides and pesticides,
  • Beauty products such as soaps, conditioners, make-up, lotions,
  •  Over the counter medications,
  • Prescription medications,
  • Dental toxins,
  • Automotive oils, solvents and chemicals,
  • Airborne exposures, and
  • Contact exposures

5.      Remove physical and emotional compensation needs:

When you are physically and emotionally drained many toxins will perform as compensatory mechanisms in the body; like the “three amigos”, which are iron, manganese and aluminum, all in bio unavailable form – that seem to increase adrenal and possibly thyroid activity in many slow oxidizers. When you rest your physical body and stabilize your emotions, the need for the “three amigos” is removed and allows toxic metals and other chemicals to be more quickly and easily removed from the body. Removing the need also helps keep toxic metals from re-accumulating in the body.

6.      Balance the Yin and Yang qualities:

The balance of these subtle qualities gives the body strength and increases the amount of adapative energy available.

  • Detoxification methods are either more yin or more yang in nature,
  •  Most bodies are very yin today compared to 100 years ago as evidenced through Tissue Mineral Hair Analysis,
  •  Healing methods must be adjusted to take into account the yin yang state of the person,
  • · Yang detoxification methods heat, activate and contract the body to enhance toxin removal (more rest and sleep, hot saunas, coffee enemas, and hot baths), and
  • Yang diets include kelp, sea salt, cooked meats and vegetables, especially root vegetables.


7.      Balance the autonomic nervous system:

The detoxification process is a parasympathetic activity and includes the parasympathetic organs such as the intestines and kidneysand liver; therefore therapy that stimulates parasympathetic activity or inhibits sympathetic activity will strongly help with detoxification.

  • Colonic irrigation and coffee enemas,
  •  Endo-met Laboratories recommended glandular extracts,
  •  Relaxation therapies and meditation that stimulate relaxation,
  •  Sauna therapy, especially done in the morning and evening,

8.      Reduce any kind of harmful stress:

There are many reasons that stress can interfere with detoxification:

  • The body must adapt to stress and uses a lot of energy in the process,
  • The sympathetic nervous system is activated by any kind of stress which then impairs detoxification,
  • Stress drains several vital nutrients that are essential for detoxification - such as zinc and magnesium

9.      Eliminate many chronic infections:

Infections produce powerful toxins and they use up the body’s vitality fighting them. Eliminating infections frees up a lot of adaptive energy for detoxification. Methods used include:

  • Balance the body chemistry to enhance adaptive energy,
  •  Removing toxic metals and replenishing missing vital nutrients,
  •  Coffee enemas and colon cleansing to help restore liver function,
  •  Improve and balance the sodium/potassium ratio, and
  •  Improving circulation, oxygenation and hydration.

10.      Posture and Exercise:

Loss of spinal curvature interferes with breathing, digestion, and causes pinched nerves, bulged discs and back pain.  The body expends energy tightening muscles to compensate for loss of spinal curvature and adapts by contorting the structure which pulls soft tissue and organs further stressing the body.


[1]Cecchini M, Root D, Rachunow J, Gelb P. Chemical Exposures at the World Trade Center Use of the Hubbard Sauna Detoxification Regimen to Improve the Health Statos of New York City Rescue Workers Exposed to Toxicants. Townsend Letter. April 2006;263:58-65.