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Oxy-Mag Capsules by Natural Health Resources

OXY-MAG is Advanced Oxygen Technology made according to a formula developed by the German Dr. Blass which was sold as a powder known as "Homozon" for decades to oxygenate the system, detoxify tissues and liver, clean and improve bowel functions, and generally rejuvenate health. 

If you have taken the Homozon powder before you will really appreciate getting the formula in capsules!  The OXY-MAG capsules have the same content as Homozon and are made in a fully approved lab and have a very high oxygen concentration release potential and are designed to be used with hydrochloric acid.  Each Capsule containes Super-Oxygenated Magnesium in the form of magnesium ozonite and the oxygen that is released can be measured with peroxide test strips.  Another benefit is OXY-MAG doesn't create hydroxyl radicals in the body destroying cells like ingesting hydrogen peroxide and provides the best source of free radical scavengers for antioxidant maintenance and high oxygen levels.

The oxygen released will break down fecal matter to a very soft to liquid state depending on how much and how often you take OXY-MAG.  There are no cramps as there are with laxative herbs.


Start Slow to acclimate to detoxification reactions, and work up to 6 capsules or more with 8 oz. pure water 2 or more times daily away from meals with 1 tsp of pure lemon juice or a capsule of some sort of Betaine Hydrochloride to activate the production of oxygen in your body.  Some people take Oxy-Mag twice a day and more than 6 capsules at a time to reach bowel tolerance whil others need very few capsules to reach bowel tolerance.  Let common sense be your guide.

It is essential to follow OXY-MAG caps with a fast releasing Hydrochloric Acid digestive enzyme or there won't be enough acid to generate the chemical reaction to release the oxygen. 

Try to take OXY-MAG away from meals; one hour before bed and first thing in the mornings are recommended as the best times.  Some very toxic people may notice queasiness or nausea initially because their system is so oxygen deprived, so have a few crackers handy to settle your stomach.  If this happens reduce the number of OXY-MAG capsules and work up slowly as your body acclimates. 

Serving Size:  6 capsules (3.6g)

Servings per container:  30

Amount Per Serving           %Daily Value

Magnesium      1,368mg           342%

All Natural Veg Caps

How Supplied: Bottles containing 180 capsules each

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