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Essiac Rejuvenation Tea | Natural Health Resources

The original recipe of Nurse Rene Caisse was released and published as containing 4 herbs, however, in practice Rene Caisse used a 5th herb known by the purchasing agent of her herb company.  After the death of Rene Caisse the purchasing agent gave the unpublished formula with all 5 herbs and the corresponding percentages used to mix the formula away to a friend who helped his wife overcome cancer.  The Natural Health Resources bulk Essiac Tea powder is made in accordance with this formula from organic herbs.  This is the very best Essiac Tea on the market.

Ingredients:  Burdock Root, Rhubarb, Sheep Sorrel, Cress and Slippery Elm, the original complete 5 herbs used in Essiac.

Instructions for preparing Essiac tea:

1.  Use distilled or purified water from a store if you don't have a purifier.

2.  Use at least a 2 quart pan which contains NO ALUMINUM.  (Stainless steel, pyrex or corning).

3.  Measure one quart or 32 ounces or four 8-ounce cups of distilled or purified water into the non-aluminum pan.  Cover the pan and bring the water to a boil.  Never use a microwave oven with natural products.

4.  Add a little less than 1/4 cup or three tablespoons of dry tea to the boiling water.  Stir and cover pot.  Turn down the heat so the tea mix doesn't boil over the sides of the pan, but KEEP IT BOILING FOR AT LEAST 20 MINUTES.

5.  After 20 minutes, let it steep with fire off for 10 hours or overnight.  It is best to cover pot while steeping.  After steeping just reheat it but don't let it get to a boil, once more for a minute then pour it into a container (preferably glass) to store in refrigerator.  The tea is more potent if the bits of herb are not strained out.  Use a medium-to-fine mesh stainless steel strainer if you choose to pour the tea through a strainer.  Most people drink 1-2 ounces of the tea 2 times a day.  You can take it straight or add to a cup of juice or hot water.

For maintenance and enjoyment, try drinkning one ounce of tea once a day on an empty stomach.

1/2 lb of tea should last several months for one person.