Dragon Herbs Astragalus eeTee in Jar (60 g)

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Astragalus eeTee in Jar (60 grams) by Dragon Herbs

Astragalus is a famous Qi and Blood Tonic and a double-direction adaptogenic that entersspleen andlungs channels and strengthens metabolic, respiratory and eliminative functions. It is a famed energizer that strengthens muscles, legs and arms, as well as fortifies the protective Qithat circulates under the skin and in the muscles, controls the opening and closing of pores, and serves as our first line of defense against the offensive environmental forces such as heat, cold, dampness and wind. Astragalus also enhances the skin's function, helps eliminate toxins, and supports fluid metabolism.

This product is extracted through FITT technology and made from superior quality connoisseur-grade organically grown Astragalus roots from Di Tao – an authentic traditional growing region of superior Astragalus. It is rich in Astragalosides and tastes, looks and functions just like fresh Astragalus tea.

Every Ounce of Astralagus eeTee Contains:

  • Astragalus root extract powder
  • Maltodextrin

Suggested Use: Add 1 teaspoon (2g) to 6oz. of water, hot or room temperature, stir or shake until the powder completely dissolves.

How Supplied: Single 60 gram jars.

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