Quantum Science BIO Disc II

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Quantum Science BIO Disc II

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This unique scalar bio energy disc has an overall calming and balancing effect. It maximizes nutritional benefits of your diet and helps improve your health and wellness, as well as:

  • Improves the taste of liquids;
  • Enhances the frequencies of drinking water;
  • Extends the life of fruits, vegetables and meats;
  • Enhances the potency of food supplements;
  • Boosts energy levels and enhances the immune system;
  • Increases blood oxygen levels;
  • Helps body cells rejuvenate;
  • Assists with pain relief;
  • Balances the yin and yang.

You can use the Bio Disc II in many different ways to benefit from its amazing qualities. The Bio Disc II spins liquid molecules counterclockwise and thus transfers energy when simply placed in a jar. The liquid also gets instantly energized and picks up resonance that can be organically found around multiple healing water springs when it is poured over the Bio Disc. Besides that, the disc can improve the taste and increase the oxygen levels of your drinking water by serving as a coaster. It can be placed in the fridge to energize all consumables and enhance nutrient uptake. Put it in your bathwater, place under your bed or carry on your body to improve body energy and sleep quality and potentially stop the effects of jet lag. On top of that, use the Bio Disc II with your carbon-filtered water to enjoy the energetic properties that your body needs and get the most out of your nutritional balancing program.