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EMF Cell Phone Anti-Radiation and Battery Saver

EMF Anti-Radiation and Battery Salvage Sticker 

Regretfully, we have been forced to temporarily suspend all business transactions with our United Kingdom and European Union based clientele. This decision is directly related to recently imposed VAT (Value Added Tax) rules for companies selling and shipping to the United Kingdom & European Union countries. HOWEVER, you can still receive all our products using a freight forwarding company, like MyUS.com (and others). They have the required registrations and will collect the applicable import duties and taxes from you for your purchase.  Please be advised that freight forwarding companies require customer VAT registration numbers before accepting a parcel destined for the United Kingdom and European Union-based countries.  

Relieve phenomena such as headache, hair loss, and insomnia, with this powerful EMF shielding sticker. It helps protect your body from harmful electromagnetic frequencies that are all too common in our everyday lives. On top of the EMF protection the sticker offers, it also produces beneficial negative ions. Negative ions, or anions, are necessary to support proper body functions. (Indoor and outdoor pollution destroy beneficial ions, but you can use a powerful plasma air purifier, such as the Breathe Safeto freshen up the air in your home). 

To use:  Crack open the plastic case. Then simply apply the sticker on or near major sources of EMF, including: cell phones, computer monitors, computers, cordless phone, dimmer switches, electrical circuits, electric razors, fax machines, hairdryers, halogen or fluorescent lighting, irons, microwaves, photocopiers, refrigerators, scanners, televisions, vacuums, and WiFi routers and equipment. 

Keep in mind that if a device connects to electricity - it generates EMF. Apply a shielding sticker, or keep other protective devices, nearby. We encourage you to  help your body and try out other quantum products, as well.