Nozitize Copper Septum Nose Ring

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Nozitize Copper Septum Nose Ring

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Humankind knew a lot about copper’s antimicrobial properties for centuries. Numerous researchers have confirmed that copper makes a difference when used in real life, not just inside the lab, including hospital door knobs, hospital beds, guest-chair armrests, and even IV stands. This is why copper is always more expensive than plastic or aluminum, and often a pricier alternative to steel, and for a good reason: bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces, and the term “contact killing” has been coined for this process.

Researchers have found over 100 microbial pathogens that have been successfully killed by copper, including:

  • Cold and flu viruses
  • E.coli
  • MRSA
  • C.diff
  • VRE
  • Krebsiella

Therefore, copper should be an integral part of defense for you and your family against disease, germs, and viruses. That said, keep in mind that you breathe more than you touch anything, so take preventive action with every breath you take and use copper in the fight against viruses with Nozitize!

Bend and wear your Nozitize Copper Septum Nose Ring in your nose like a ring to destroy pathogens, bacteria, and more every time you inhale. It is a septum jewelry piece made of copper with beads for ultimate protection against bacteria and viruses. Wear this super lightweight, protective device to reduce bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and keep yourself safe.

*Make sure to follow CDC recommendations, frequently wash your hands, avoid crowds, and use copper for its power to reduce the risk of catching and spreading viruses.