Baja Gold Sea Salt

Baja Gold

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Unrefined Sea Salt

Baja Gold Sea Salt

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Baja Gold Sea Salt is unrefined and nutritious, but does not give up excellent taste for the minerals and trace elements it contains.  This natural sea salt is produced in a pristine estuary in the Sea of Cortez based in Baja, Mexico. Baja natives create it using salt-making traditions that are both proven and were inherited throughout generations. The best quality salt is assured with Baja Gold.

How the salt is made: The dehydration process starts when tides move new sea water into the estuary with the extreme solar heat and dry winds of the desert. Water evaporates quickly and results in a highly concentrated solution of sea water.  Once this solution achieves the right concentration level, it is moved to evaporation or crystallization ponds where the leftover water evaporates from the intense heat, thus forming Baja Gold.

Water from the Seat of Cortez consists of 90 minerals and trace elements, in addition to more than 50,000 natural organic compounds. The special salt-making techniques of Baja natives guarantee that all the minerals and trace elements present in the sea water can also be found in Baja Gold Sea Salt.

What makes Baja Gold unique? Baja Gold Sea Salt is not touched after it solidifies, and is naturally low in sodium chloride. This contrasts salt production from international salt companies that clean their sea salt to produce pure white crystals, eliminate the minerals and trace elements, and end up with 97-99% sodium chloride in the salt.

This salt gets its wonderful flavor from its minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and trace elements, such as gold, yttrium, zinc.  Health professionals acknowledge that Baja Gold Sea Salt contains many minerals and trace elements that are so necessary for good health, although they often are lacking in the modern diet. 

Gourmet chefs love the unique taste dimensions that Baja Gold Sea Salt brings to their creations, as well as the way it raises the gastronomic value of food with its soft texture and flavor.

Try out Baja Gold Sea Salt today for a delicious nutrient addition to your food!