We offer Calcium Plus, Magnesium Plus, Potassium Plus, Iron Plus, Copper Plus, Manganese Plus, Zinc Plus, and GT Formula.

Calcium Plus is an excellent supplier of Calcium, a vital element for sustaining the durability and health of bones and teeth. Calcium Plus contains two types of extremely absorbable calcium alongside additional minerals, vitamins and botanicals. 

Magnesium Plus provides a source of Magnesium, which helps to relieve pain from muscle aches, cramps, and spasms. 

Potassium Plus sustains heart wellness, circulation, and fluid stability.  This supplement is exclusively created to improve intake of potassium into the cells, as well as to increase muscle energy and aid nerve health. 

Iron Plus provides Iron, which is a vital mineral your body is unable to create and it is necessary to acquire from your diet or as part of a  supplement.  Nutritional Iron helps to maintain normal blood.

Copper Plus supplies the crucial trace mineral, Copper, which the body needs for normal growth and health. Copper is an essential part of red blood cell formation, and also impacts the heart and arteries function, prevents bone defects, and encourages healthy connective tissues. 

Manganese Plus provides an essential nutrient which the body needs for proper functioning. Manganese can be used to temporarily relieve arthritic pain.

Zinc Plus aids in protein synthesis and healing wounds with the nutritional mineral of Zinc. It helps to relieve muscle pain as well as treat minor skin conditions.

GT Formula provides a source of nutritional chromium.  It helps to sustain metabolic stability and helps in carbohydrate metabolism.