Metabolic Packs

We offer both Para-Pack and Sym-Pack Metabolic Packs.

Para-Pack supplies the most essential nutrients for a slow metabolizer. It is designed to help support a sympatho-minetic effect, cellular oxidation and energy production, and satisfy the cytoplasm's free radicial generation.  Ideal nutritional support helps boost metabolism which is important for glucose control, detoxification, normalization of neuroendocrine activity and support of the humoral immune response.

Sym-Pack delivers the necessary sedative nutrients for a fast metabolizer. It is made to decrease substantial cellular oxidation, strengthen cellular respiration via the Krebs (tricarboxlyic acid) cycle and satisfy extreme mitochondrial free radical activity.  The synergistic collaboration of health components in Sym-Pack will also impact progess of neuroendocrine balance while helping the cellular immune response and detoxification paths.