Medical Genetic Testing and Interpretation

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Medical Genetic Testing and Interpretation

Welcome to Wellness Shopping Online, your go-to destination for precision and personalized genetic testing. We have collaborated closely with trained geneticists and harnessed the power of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to bring you genetic laboratory testing that can be customized to your unique needs.

Distinguishing ourselves from generic direct-to-consumer genetic tests, Wellness Shopping Online offers a distinctive approach to genetic analysis. Our genetic team has partnered directly with Illumina to validate 100 of the most actionable Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) crucial in precision health. This collaboration ensures that our genetic panels not only offer customization but also incorporate the latest advancements in genetic science.

Addressing the concerns surrounding error ratios in genetic testing, especially in direct-to-consumer tests, Wellness Shopping Online takes pride in providing medical genetic testing of the highest accuracy and reproducibility standards. Our state-of-the-art laboratory employs Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) equipment to conduct an exhaustive 1000 passes of the test specimen. This meticulous process guarantees precise and reliable results for informed medical decision-making.

It's crucial to recognize the fundamental distinctions between medical genetic tests and general direct-to-consumer tests. Direct-to-consumer tests, as exemplified by companies like 23andMe, have been associated with up to 40% false positives, potentially leading to misguided treatment decisions.

At Wellness Shopping Online, we emphasize accuracy and reliability. Our medical genetic tests undergo multiple passes, achieving an error ratio of less than 1%, surpassing the stringent requirements for medical accuracy. This commitment ensures that our results are not only precise but also trustworthy for medical decision-making.

For those seeking further insights, we provide links to articles discussing the pitfalls of direct-to-consumer genetic tests. Find us at Wellness Shopping Online, serving as your trusted partner in accurate and reliable medical genetic testing. Choose precision with Wellness Shopping Online today.