Adrenal Complex and Thymus Complex Glandular Supplements from Trace Elements, Incorporated

Adrenal Complex was created by Trace Elements, Incorporated to assist in the accessibility and metabolic use of the natural nutrients and nucleoproteins in the adrenal gland. Improvement of adrenal activity and metabolism will lead to enhanced metabolism of cholesterol, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, while also strengthening the stability of neuroendocrineactivity. 

Thymus Complex, also from Trace Elements, supplies the body with particular dietary components that will stimulate the declination of too much sympathetic endocrine and central nervous system activity.  The nutrients in the Thymus Complex will support a rapid metabolic person who is enduring diminished thymus and reiculo-endothelial system activity by providing the nucleoproteins and co-factors needed to boost resistance and immune response.