Digestive Aids

We offer both Digest-Zyme and HCL Plus.

Digest-Zymehas has been demonstrated as extremely useful in assisting digestion and the consumption of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Digest-Zyme is the most commonly encouraged for the Fast Metabolizer (Sympathetic Dominant) as pancreatic enzymes are generally observed to be deficient.

HCL Plus is made to deliver Betaine Hydrochloride joined with pepsin to improve protein assimilation and to encourage the regular release of gastric HCL. Improvement of gall bladder activity is also helped by the existence of ox bile extract. Regular acidity of the stomach is necessary to guarantee mineral solubility for ideal consumption. Without the adequate amounts of HCL, iron intake is substantially diminished.  HCL is essential for regular protein digestion by turning pepsinogen to the productive protein-splitting enzyme, pepsin.  HCL deficit is a major factor of indigestion in aging adults.