Diet & Lifestyle Suggestions



Eating Habits

  • Eat regular meals -at the same time every day, if possible
  • Do not eat any more once you feel full
  • If you absolutely need a snack - choose protein snacks which will maintain blood sugar
  • Eat your food slow and thoroughly chew every bite 
  • Keep seated for five minutes after you finish every meal
  • Stay away from foods containing refined sugar. This includes juice besides carrot or green juice.
  • Avoid any products consist of wheat or spelt - this includes sprouted wheat. Some people may need to stay away from all foods containing gluten - even those made with rye, barley, and oats. 
  • Steer clear of milk, yogurt, and cheese that is made with non-organic cow's milk.

Some Recommended Foods:  


Rest and Exercise

  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep each night. Most of the healing process does not happen while you are awake.
  • Go to bed early each night and try to get at least nine hours of sleep.
  • If possible - take a lying down break for 10 minutes either in the mid-morning or afternoon
  • Keep your exercise to non-vigorous workouts. Too much can overstimulate your adernal glands. Try to stick with walking (especially outdoors) or other gentle activites such as stretching, bicyling, or yoga.
  • Know your limits and stop your exercise activies before exhausting yourself.

 Thoughts, Attitudes and Emotions

  • Strive for the truth. Have as much integrity as possible when you express yourself with all your actions and relationships. 
  • Always try to life in the present moment.
  • Take notice of negative thoughts - but without judgement.  This way they will be able to eventually lose their power.
  • Try to acquire gratitude for all that you are and have - no matter how small.
  • Although it may sometimes hurt, learn to forgive and forget.
  • It is so important to have spiritual alignment. It can be helpful to meditate each day, or even talking a walk, gardening, or sitting under a big tree.
  • Do not waste your energy by holding on to grudges.
  • Be wary of setting goals that lead to frustration.
  • Be prepared for a long process of successful healing and try to enjoy it.  The best healing occurs at deep levels and is just just symptom removal.
  • It is great to be emotionally detached - which is not the same as not caring.


             A detoxification procedure every day is an excellent practice. The most powerful and effective are coffee enemas, near infrared light saunas, other types of saunas, and colonic irrigation. Other methods to use periodically include the gallbladder flush and other specific methods we may recommend.