Trace Elements, Inc. Supplements

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 18th Mar 2015

Wellness Shopping Online is proud to provide you with the highest quality of nutritional products from Trace Elements, Inc.! You can shop all your Trace Element supplement needs right here from the convenience of our web store.

Trace Elements, Inc. is the top provider of nutritional metabolic products, which are specifically designed to work with your Hair Analysis test and Nutritional Balancing Science program. This exclusive line of Trace Nutrients supplements is developed by Dr. David L. Watts and manufactured by Douglas Laboratories. Trace Elements, Inc. strongly believes in the importance of optimum nutrition and metabolic balancing approach and are dedicated to providing the best quality of nutritional products possible.

Trace Nutrient supplements:

  • Are of high quality ingredients based on scientific research
  • Contain fine raw materials
  • Are manufactured under strict guidelines
  • Are approved by laboratory analysis and certification

Trace Elements, Inc. is dedicated to concentrating their efforts on providing clinically proven formulas that customers can depend on, rather than “breakthrough” products. The proper formulation and safety of the products are the primary concerns. Trace Elements, Inc. strives to assure clients of the power and effectiveness of each supplement. All the ingredients used are of National Formulary or United States Pharmacopoeia standards to guarantee the best quality and reliability. 

Trace Elements, Inc. products are the result of over 30 years of experience and studies of over 100,000 patients. They are designed to provide maximum absorption with the least amount of supplementation possible. This is accomplished by the understanding and research of nutritional interrelationships which is applied to the creation of the products.

Trace Nutrients are safe, effective and economical products that work in harmony with the body. Use in conjunction with one of our Hair Analysis tests and get your Trace Elements, Inc. supplements today from Wellness Shopping Online! You will be one step closer to boosting your health and feeling great.

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