Sauna Solutions: Can You Exercise After an Infrared Sauna?

Sauna Solutions: Can You Exercise After an Infrared Sauna?

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 14th Jul 2022

Group of People in a SaunaWhile most people have heard of an infrared sauna session, many of us might not realize all the benefits it has to offer. Studies have shown that people who use a sauna five to 15 times each month have higher mental wellness over those who use it less frequently or not at all.

Many gyms have saunas in their lockers or changing rooms. It's hard to know whether it's better to exercise after an infrared sauna or before.

Infrared saunas help with muscle fatigue, soreness, detox, and recovery. Adding in a sauna treatment to your workout routine will provide you with countless benefits.

If you're interested in learning about all the perks of exercising and sauna treatments, we've got everything you need to know.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is a bit different than a traditional sauna. Instead of heating the air around you, it utilizes infrared lamps to warm your body. It also operates at a lower temperature, heating up to around 120°F and 140°F. Instead of wasting heat by having it floating in the air, 80% of the heat goes directly to your body, penetrating deeper than warm air. You will sweat more intensely with an infrared sauna but at a lower temperature.

Since the sauna itself isn't as hot, you're able to stay in there for a longer length of time and soak in more of the benefits in a more comfortable environment.

Don't have access to a sauna because you don't frequent the gym or sauna? There are many portable infrared sauna options you can have set up directly in your home. Save money on construction costs and the need to preheat your unit with a Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna system.

Benefits of a Near Infrared Sauna

While infrared saunas are more efficient than a traditional sauna, a Near Infrared Sauna unit is even more so.

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The Sauna Fix's assembly requires no contractors, tools, or hassle to get set up. It also does not require any preheating. Its modular design retains 95% of the heat and is extremely lightweight. You won't be heating up whatever room you set up the sauna since it is so well insulated.

Do you like doing hot yoga? The Home Near-Infrared Hot Yoga Studio is big enough for you to do hot yoga or another exercise type. It is large enough that another person can fit in with you. Improve your air circulation, assist with muscle recovery, and detoxify faster with the Near-Infrared Hot Yoga Studio.

You can actually experience more of the benefits of infrared saunas when you exercise or do Hot Yoga while in a Near Infrared Sauna unit. Take it with you wherever you go, as it conveniently fits into its own travel bag.

Perks of Infrared Sauna Treatment

If you prefer to do an infrared sauna after your exercise, there are portable saunas that you can get to elevate your sauna game. The benefits are endless when you incorporate a sauna into your self-care routine.

Extra Calorie Burn

With your metabolism already boosted from exercising, the infrared sauna will continue burning calories for at least 30 minutes. All you have to do is sit there and relax. To maximize that calorie burn, sit in the sauna immediately after working out.

The heat from the infrared lamps can actually increase your human growth hormone production and decrease your cortisol level, promoting additional weight loss. Just be sure to drink a lot of water during your sauna session with all the additional sweating you'll be doing. It is equally important to consume at least eight ounces of water before and after taking a sauna and add Healthy Salt into your diet for further hydration benefits.

The additional sweating while you sit in the sauna will help your body release more toxins. You will get to prolong the benefits you get while working out by spending time in the sauna right after. When you purge yourself of harmful toxins such as alcohol, nicotine, and toxic metals, you will feel even better post-workout.

Muscle Recovery

Many of us feel sore after working out. Your muscles are working hard, and you're pushing your body to its limits. To avoid and prevent injuries, a post-workout sauna is recommended.

A sauna will help your muscles recover by boosting your blood circulation, carrying blood and nutrients to the muscles that need it. The heat of the infrared lamps will also let your muscles relax and relieve tension.

Infrared Sauna Procedures and Practices

Before you jump in the sauna, make sure you haven't eaten for at least one to two hours. If you're not going to do a sauna treatment right after working out, we recommend doing it first thing in the morning or the evening, so long as you stay properly hydrated.

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As soon as you turn on your unit, step inside. There is no preheating necessary with Sauna Fix. Don't look directly into the lights and wear the safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Stay at least 18-24 inches away from the bulbs and every few minutes, rotate yourself 90 degrees to make sure you expose all areas of your body.

After your sauna, wipe off your sweat and take a shower with warm water. This will remove any toxins that are on your skin. Follow that up with a big glass of water to ensure you stay hydrated.

Can You Exercise After an Infrared Sauna Session?

Knowing when to use an infrared sauna before or after an exercise will help you maximize the results. While you may want to exercise after an infrared sauna session, you will receive more benefits if you do it after you work out. It is a relaxing experience, and there's no better way to heal your body than sitting in a sauna after a strenuous workout.

Better yet, exercise or do Hot Yoga while in the sauna. You will receive more perks from doing that than you would if you did a sauna session after you finished exercising.

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