Sauna Fix for Optimal Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 30th Mar 2016

The Sauna Fix from Wellness Shopping Online provides an excellent way to add near infrared sauna therapy to your daily health routine.  This kind of therapy is used to help detoxify the body and fix imbalances of heavy metals. 

Lower EMF levels is one factor that makes near infrared sauna therapy a better option than far infrared.  These electrical frequencies surround us all the time from constant use of cellphones, appliances, WiFi, and other electricity.  This ongoing exposure can increase the risk of heath problems and disrupt our body's cells' communication.  Far infrared saunas expose the body to higher levels of EMF, which makes near infrared the safer choice. 

Some of the other benefits of near infrared sauna therapy include:

  • Corrected body mechanisms.  The presence of near infrared rays enables the body's mitochondria to supply more energy.  These rays also enhance the body's tissue regenerating genes and lead to more blood in the muscles via vasodilatation stimulation. 
  • Improved circulation. 
  • Higher body temperature. The use of the Sauna Fix within a small enclosure, such as the Sauna Tent, helps to increase the body's temperature even further for healing purposes. 
  • An effective and safe means of detoxification. 

(Sauna Fix pictured with a variety of its available accessories, including the Sauna Tent)  

The Sauna Fix is the most cost effective and powerful near infrared sauna available! You can order this sauna to be used anywhere in the world for convenient detoxification. A variety of sauna accessories are also sold at Wellness Shopping online, including travel essentials so you never have to go without near infrared sauna therapy. 

Shop all the great Sauna products today and invest in the Sauna Fix for the best possible detoxification!

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