Improve your air and sauna therapy with plasma!

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 22nd Mar 2016

The Breathe Safe from Wellness Shopping Online is a fantastic plasma air purifier that can be used everyday. This device works to diminish the air of VOCs (voltatile organic compounds), bacteria, dust, mold, particulates, pollen, and viruses.  We are constantly exposed to these kinds of pollutants on a regular basis from office desks, keyboards, phones, and more. 

The plasma ions generated from the Breathe Safe work against these harmful forces to improve air quality.  Third party laboratory testing of the Breathe Safe demonstrates that it removes 99.68% particulates, 86.4% total VOCs, and 46.1% bacteria.  Despite the small appearance of the Breathe Safe, it generates plasma ions in the millions! It's a compact, yet powerful unit that produces an even larger quantity of plasma than much larger machines.  Not only does the Breathe Safe's compact size not sacrifice quality, it makes it even easier to take it with you and use on the go!

The Breathe Safe has three operating functions which allows the user to decide the amount of plasma they want to be produced. The unit can either be run continuously for nonstop plasma, cycled on for one minute and off for two minutes, or cycled off for one minute and on for two minutes. 

Some of the great benefits of the Breathe Safe are:

  • Its versatility (ability to be plugged in and used anywhere)
  • Its portable size
  • It requires little maintenance

Using plasma to treat the air is a simple, effective, and cost efficient method. For enhanced benefits, we suggest using the Breathe Safe with the Sauna Fix as a sauna ion generator.  Studies show that participants who inhaled an abundance of negative ions during sauna therapy experienced a much higher volume of sweat, as well as higher skin and rectal temperatures.  The test chamber used was only slightly larger than our radiant Sauna Tent, making it a fantastic accessory to use with the Sauna Fix and Breathe Safe.  The presence of negative ions during a sauna only maximizes the power and efficiency of detoxification. 

Shop the Breathe Safe today for a device that will improve the air you breath regardless of where you are. And don't forget to implement plasma into your sauna therapy by using the Breathe Safe with your Sauna Fix!

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