Mineral Balancing with Trace Elements

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 7th Apr 2015

Here at Wellness Shopping Online, we offer one stop shopping for all your Trace Elements, Inc. needs. Trace Nutrients represent a professional line of products that are at the forefront of current nutritional formulas. Dr. David L. Watts is the Director of Research for Trace Elements and has made contributions in the science of hair analysis and mineral balancing.

Over time, the use of vitamins and minerals has made great advancements, thanks to extensive research and a stronger understanding of biochemistry and the way nutrition impacts it. Mineral balancing is so important that many health conditions can arise from imbalances. Dr. Watts has worked to identify the interrelationships between minerals, vitamins, and the neuro-endocrine system and developed the Trace Nutrients line in order to make corrections and help balance biochemistry.

It is hugely important to correct mineral imbalances for optimal well-being. The proper combination of nutrients is much more effective than individual substances due to how they complement each other. Minerals…

  • Have interrelationships with all other nutrients – these nutrients cannot be used effectively without optimal mineral levels
  • Are necessary for hormone production
  • Are critical for enzyme activity – minerals act as enzyme activators and make up a part of or are contained within the enzyme

Many factors including stress, diet, and medications, to name a few, can contribute to mineral imbalances. It is important nutritional recommendations are made with the goal of correcting these metabolic disturbances and bringing about balance. Trace Elements’ recognition and understanding of nutritional interrelationships is applied to the formulation of their products to provide the most absorption and utilization with the least amount of supplements.

Although Trace Nutrients line may not be the most extensive, its products are unequaled. High quality ingredients and formulas are based on careful scientific research and testing and the products are developed to guarantee efficiency. These are clinically proven formulas resulting from more than 30 years of experience and 100,000 clients.

Trace Elements products are effectively and economically made to act in harmony with the body. All contained ingredients are of USP (United States pharmacopoeia) or National Formulary standards, guaranteeing quality and consistency. 

Get your minerals balanced and shop all your Trace Elements needs at Wellness Shopping Online!