The power of kelp and Hair Analysis

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 16th Sep 2015

Kelp is known as a common sea plant, but it is also an excellent supplement that is often recommended as part of a Nutritional Balancing program. Dr. Wilson recommends kelp for nearly everyone and considers the right brand to be a lifesaving supplement. The reason why the choice of brand is so important with kelp is because some brands are more toxic and contain higher amounts of mercury. 

There are many great benefits that are gained from taking kelp:

  • Kelp contains a good blend of minerals as it is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and zinc. Single mineral products can often cause interference with the absorption of other minerals.
  • Kelp supplies bio-available iodine which is severely lacking in most people today due to the presence of iodine antagonists. Vegetarians and vegans are especially deficient in iodine and can really benefit from supplementing kelp. Plus, the high salt content in kelp helps to preserve its potency.
  • Kelp consists of readily available calcium which is hard to find in many other foods. Most of the calcium in pasteurized and homogenized dairy is not well utilized.
  • More alginates are contained in kelp than in other super foods. These help to shield the body from mercury and other toxins that are seen in most sea vegetables.
  • Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, folic acid, soluble fiber, phytonutrients from plants, and fatty acids are all also found in kelp.

In addition, kelp is safe, easy to find, and inexpensive. With the use of a Nutritional Balancing program, most people seem to be able to easily take kelp. Temporary reactions seen with the use of kelp tend to be healing reactions that exist due to the removal of toxic elements. Reducing the dose of kelp and slowly building up can help to get through these reactions. In general, kelp can be helpful for both fast and slow oxidizers and is a powerful balancing and therapeutic food.

Kelp provides an abundance of nutrients at a great cost. Most adults can take 1800-3600 mg daily with meals. As always, the purchase of a hair analysis kit can help educate you on all your body’s mineral imbalances and learn what supplements and doses are best for you. 

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