Get effective Hair Analysis supplements from Endo-met!

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 22nd Apr 2016

Wellness Shopping Online offers a variety of excellent mineral supplements from Endo-met Laboratories. This is the top recommended brand of supplements to complement your Nutritional Balancing Program guided by a Hair Analysis kit.

The ultimate goal of a Nutritional Balancing Program is to balance the body’s chemistry, which is exactly what Endo-met supplements are formulated to do. This high quality line of vitamins and minerals offers products that are specifically designed to match the client’s biochemical individuality.

(Pictured: Endo-met supplements Enzaid 90 and Taurine 90)

Endo-met Laboratories is constantly performing research to improve their formulas and supply the most up to date products possible. They combine their authoritative information on dietary and nutrition with their own field work in order to assure their products provide maximum effectiveness.

Further information on the production of Endo-met supplements:

  • All the raw materials used for product formulation and manufacturing is verified from the materials’ manufacturer. This is done with a certificate of analysis that guarantees the products match the guidelines for potency and quality.
  • The certified grade of herbs that is used ensures that the pharmacologically active part of the plants is used in the products.
  • Animal substances contained in glandular products meet or exceed government requirements.
  • Endo-met only purchases from manufacturers with FDA licensed facilities.

Endo-met is dedicated to supplying a high quality line of nutritional supplements and maintaining their position as a leader in the industry. Each product is individually attended to in order to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

Get a Hair Analysis kit today to determine what vitamins and minerals your body needs to be properly balanced. Each person has different biochemistry that can be accurately determined through hair analysis. With a Nutritional Balancing program, you can then be guided on your way to balancing that biochemistry and getting your health on track. Once you’ve determined your nutritional needs, shop our supply of Endo-met supplements!

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