The importance of a Hair Analysis Retest

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 25th Apr 2016

Wellness Shopping Online offers hair analysis kits, which consist of a hair tissue mineral analysis. This is a biopsy test that can reveal information about your body with a hair sample. Some of the important information a hair analysis kit discovers includes:

  • Levels and ratios of minerals
  • Levels of toxic metals
  • Metabolic or oxidation type

This information about mineral imbalances and deficiencies is crucial in order for a Nutritional Balancing Program to be properly created for each person.

Each person is different and a hair analysis kit comes in handy to determine what exactly an individual is lacking and needs for their own corrective program. A Nutritional Balancing Program is designed based upon the results of a hair analysis. From there, supplement recommendations are given so an individual can work towards improving their health and supplying their body with the nutrients it needs.

One of the most important things about a hair analysis kit is continued progress. That is why we strongly recommend investing in a retest every three months. This retest can determine changes in the body’s mineral levels and ratios since the last test. This is critical because the body’s chemistry can shift so quickly. Completely different supplements may be needed after only a couple months. Continuing to take the recommendations from months ago could actually harm  progress rather than help it. Investing in a hair analysis retest every three months can determine once again which mineral supplements are right so progress can continue to reach an optimal level of health. 

Purchase a hair analysis kit today and remember to invest in retests every few months as well! This is the best way to continue to improve health and wellness. 

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