Hair Analysis Controversy

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 18th Jan 2016

hair analysis is a biopsy test that uses a sample of hair to determine the body’s mineral levels and ratios, as well as toxic metals. A Nutritional Balancing program guided by a hair analysis can help lead a person through an enhanced lifestyle to balance body chemistry.

All of the United States commercial hair testing laboratories are government inspected and licensed. Technology has advanced the procedures over time to be able to best provide clients with dependable lab results that can be used to guide a corrective health program.

However, there is controversy surrounding the accuracy and reliability of hair analysis. The majority of these concerns are regarding how the hair samples are prepared in the lab. Most hair analysis laboratories wash the hair before testing, which we do not agree with.

Major reasons why the hair sample should not be washed at the lab:

  • Hair is a porous tissue and the use of detergents and harsh chemical solvents for washing can actually remove a significant portion of the water-soluble elements. These washing agents remove not only exogenous minerals, but can impact the hair tissue’s interior.
  • Hair washed with shampoo before taking the sample is able to reestablish the equilibrium concentration of minerals that have been washed out, due to the scalp’s oil and sweat glands. Hair that is washed after it has already been cut from the head does not have this opportunity.

Some may argue that the hair sample should be washed since it could be contaminated with dirt or dust. However, the lab requires each client to wash their hair within 24-48 hours of cutting the sample to prevent this. In addition, errors in the water soluble mineral levels caused by erratic washing in the lab is much worse than any possible contamination.

We only recommend Analytical Research Labs for your hair analysis interpretation. They do not wash the hair prior to testing and also use Dr. Eck’s ideal mineral levels and ratios to guide recommendations.  

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