The Benefits of GB-3

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 29th Apr 2015

Endo-met’s high quality line of nutritional supplements includes dietary aids such as GB-3. According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, GB-3 is one of the most important products anyone can take. Most people these days need some type nof digestive support, especially those who are more than 50 years old, sick, or have low vitality.

What makes GB-3 such an effective digestive aid is its containing digestive enzymes, ox bile and pancreatin as well as Russian black radish which is a copper antagonist herb. GB-3 is an excellent supplement to help enhance liver activity and eliminate toxic metals, especially copper. This is important as most slow oxidizers have excess copper stored in their tissues.

Further benefits of GB-3:

  • Helps kill infections, parasites, yeast, and other micro-organisms in the intestines
  • Aids in both fat and protein digestion
  • Enhances the oxidation rate
  • Increases bile flow
  • Possible laxative effect

You can save time, money, and effort by using GB-3 which can accomplish on its own what a range of other products do. GB-3 contains more quality animal substances compared to other digestive aids and excellent ingredients. It is also a parasympathetic supplement which is important as most people are in a parasympathetic state of slow oxidation or considered sympathetic dominant where they are pushed into exhaustion from excess worry. A product such as GB-3 that helps relax and rebuild the sympathetic nervous system is highly beneficial.

Regular use of GB-3 can also be an inexpensive and helpful way to prevent cancer. Dr. John Beard discovered that the pancreatin enzymes contained in GB-3 - pancreatin and possibly ox bile - can work to destroy cancer cells. Although this is not a cure, it is a protective method that can be helpful and follows the Nutritional Balancing science method of using nutrition for preventive health care.

Dr. Wilson always suggests taking GB-3 unless it causes diarrhea or intense cramps. It is important to gradually work your way up to the recommended dosages, especially if these symptoms are experienced. The pancreatin and ox bile digest candida organisms, bacteria, parasites and debris in the intestines – so it is normal to experience an upset stomach. Smaller dosages can be taken until the intestine has cleared and your body is able to handle more.

Take control of your digestive health with GB-3 from Endo-met! Detoxify your liver and enhance your well-being with this supplement which is available in both  90 and 180 Tabs. Purchase Endo-met’s GB-3 from Wellness Shopping Online today!

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