​Endo-met Endo-Veggies

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 14th Apr 2015

The basis of a Dr. Wilson Nutritional Balancing Science program is a diet consisting of cooked vegetables. Dr. Wilson has determined based on Hair analysis interpretations that most people do not eat enough cooked vegetables. Two to three cups, three times a day, is recommended. This is such an important part of the Nutritional Balancing program because cooked vegetables contain alkaline reserve minerals and provide carotenoids which contain chemicals that are great anti-oxidants.

Many people may have trouble meeting the recommended amount of vegetables each day. Dr. Wilson suggests toppings such as grated cheese, butter, cream, soy sauce, pesto sauce, salad dressing, and so on – that can be used to enhance the flavor. However, there is a great alternative option to help you meet your veggie needs if you’re still unable to eat the suggested 6-9 cups of cooked vegetables daily. Endo-met Endo-Veggies are a freeze dried phyto-nutrient concentrate that contains vegetables and helps increase the intake of vitamins and minerals. These recommended dried vegetable capsules are actual real vegetables and not mainly algaes, unlike green superfood powders.

Reasons Endo-Veggie capsules are superior to green superfood powders:

  • Capsules stay fresh for much longer. They are not exposed to air the way the green superfood powders are, which causes them to spoil quickly.
  • Capsules are better for digestion which is a main priority of a nutritional balancing program. Green superfood powders require added liquid which weakens stomach acid and digestion, plus people often add sweeteners and/or take in the powders with other foods for a bad combination that is difficult to digest.
  • Capsules are more convenient. No freezing or refrigeration is necessary unlike with green superfood powders (to keep it from spoiling).
  • Green superfood powders contain algaes that leave toxic residue in the liver. They are not that compatible with human physiology.

Endo-met Endo-Veggies are non-GMO and also free of casem, corn, dairy, egg, gluten, lactose, soy, wheat, whey, and yeast. Ingredients that are included are Hypromellose (vegetable capsule), vegetable magnesium stearate, and Chlorophyl (vegetable capsule).


You can purchase your Endo-Veggies in either a 90 caps or 180 caps size from our Endo-met line of supplements! Get your vegetable needs met and further your progress towards a healthy life!

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