Why Endo-met Supplements?

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 30th Mar 2015

Here at Wellness Shopping Online we offer only the highest quality of Endo-met supplements! Unlike other labs, Endo-met’s mineral and vitamin line is specifically targeted and designed to restore the individual’s biochemistry. That’s because Endo-met products are formulated and constructed based on Dr. Paul C. Eck’s law of minerals. Dr. Eck was a scientist and researcher who correlated health conditions with mineral levels and ratios and determined how to correct the imbalances. As you use Endo-met supplements alongside your Nutritional Balancing program, you’ll find your necessary supplements will continue to change to match your body's needs. Look no further than Endo-met for the top recommended brand to correct the imbalances found on your Hair Analysis test.

Why Endo-met?

Endo-met supplements contain top quality, raw ingredients that have been verified from the material's manufacturer along with a certificate of analysis. This guarantees the vitamins and minerals meet specific guidelines regarding quality and effectiveness.

Here are further attributions of Endo-met Labs and their supplements:

  • They use certified grade of herbs
  • All products use natural source vitamins only
  • The animal substances used in glandular products that meet or exceed government standards
  • They only purchase from manufacturers who operate FDA licensed facilities
  • Raw materials are all sourced from the United States

Plus, Endo-met products only use true chelated minerals, meaning the mineral is bound to amino acids from rice protein. Endo-met products are all gluten free and contain no natural source minerals, such as rock or sea bed minerals or bone meal – which can consist of heavy metals. A primary concern regarding Endo-met products is that they contain synthetic vitamins. However, food-based products are not necessarily preferred as many people can not tolerate them due to sensitivities or allergies. Endo-met’s supplements are the highest quality supplements and strongly recommended by Dr. Lawrence Wilson. These supplements are absorbed and used to help heal the body in a natural way.

Today’s food is so nutrient deficient and our modern way of living only further depletes our bodies of their proper care. The quality of your supplements is so important and that’s why we recommend Endo-met! Purchase from Wellness Shopping Online and  meet all your supplement needs to restore your body with Endo-met products!

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